CSCC Anchor Placement Programme

To request that CSCC consider placing anchors in a place where there are currently none, or that may benefit for additional anchors, please bring it to a CSCC meeting by filling in the anchor request form below.

The list below details previous request and other intended work. A rejection in the past does not mean that the same place should not be submitted again, attitudes change over time.

Date CaveDescriptionStatus
April 2020 Swildons Approach Passage, traverse and pitchApproved, installed
June 2020 Rhino Rhino, Right Hand Route, replace spitsApproved, installed
October 2020 Eastwater Eastwater, Replace anchors for ladder and line consider SRTMeeting on 19th November '21

These documents describe the CSCC's Anchor Placement Programme.

Anchor Placement & Installation

Anchor Management Procedure

Anchor Inspection & Usage

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