Member Clubs

Caving is an exercise in teamwork. Many clubs have been around for years and in that time have built up a wealth of experience and expertise. Some of them offer libraries and accommodation of excellent value. If there is a club near you why not write to its secretary for details.

Avon Scouts Caving Section
Axbridge Caving Group
Bracknell & District Caving Club
Bristol Exploration Club
Buckfastleigh Caving Club
Cerberus Spelæological Society
Charterhouse Caving Company
Cheddar Caving Club
Combined Services Caving Association
Devon Spelæological Society
Dudley Caving Club
Education in the Environment Caving Club
Frome Caving Group
Gloucester Speleological Society
Gosport Speleological Group
Greater London South Caving Club
Hades Caving Club
Imperial College Caving Club
Mendip Caving Group
Mendip Nature Research Committee
Moles Caving Club
Newbury and District Caving Club
Oxford University Cave Club
Reading University Caving Club
Shepton Mallet Caving Club
Shropshire Scouts Caving Team
Slough Mountaineering Group
Southsea Spelæological Society
University of Bristol Spelæological Society
Wealden Cave and Mine Society
Wessex Cave Club
West Sussex Caving Club
Wimps and Y-Anchors Caving Club
White Rabbit Caving Club

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