Car Break-ins

Car break-ins are still a big problem on the Mendips. These thieves prey on what they see as safe easy pickings, they know you will be gone a long time and will be parked in a remote area with no witneses, which gives them plenty of time and very little risk of being disturbed or caught. The best protection is to make life difficult for them. Leave valuables in the caving hut or if this is not possible at least out of sight in the boot. If at all possible leave a sentry with the cars. Leave NOTHING on display in your car. Thieves have been known to break into vehicles with nothing obviously on display, so even a jacket lying on a back seat or parcel shelf is enough incentive for them. The main problem areas are listed below, although break-ins have occurred at most caving sites in the past. Please report ANY suspicious activity to the police and to local cavers.

Main Problem Areas

GB Area
Burrington Combe
Tynnings Farm
Burrington Café
Velvet Bottom
Blackmore Reserve Car Park
Ebbor Gorge

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