Cave & Mine Rescue

Read this, it may save someone’s life.

  • In the event of a rescue go to the nearest telephone and DIAL 999 and ask for POLICE CAVE RESCUE.
  • If using a mobile phone, DIAL 999, tell the operator the relevant POLICE AUTHORITY then ask for CAVE RESCUE.
  • Give the location and number of the telephone.
  • WAIT AT THE TELEPHONE until contacted by an MCR Warden. MCR can only assist at rescues when requested by the Police.
  • You will be asked for the name of the cave, the nature of the injuries/call out and the number involved. Give the answers CLEARLY and CONCISELY.

Do not use the 999 service for general enquires. Use the following Police Control numbers:

  • in Bristol & Somerset which includes the Mendip Area call TAUNTON POLICE (01823) 337911
  • in Wiltshire which includes the Box and Bath Area call DEVIZES POLICE (01380) 722341

Make sure a responsible person knows which cave or mine you are visiting, your route, the party size and your estimated time out.

The ethos of caving rescue is traditionally one of self rescue and this is fundamental to the approach of the MCR. The MCR is entirely a voluntary service. All the wardens are cavers who live in the area and are members of Mendip clubs. Funds are solely from donation and are used only to provide equipment and rescue facilities.

It is essential that you be connected to the correct Police Authority. There has been a call out on Mendip, using a mobile phone that was connected to the Coastguard at Southampton and valuable time was lost.

In Bristol & Somerset which includes the Mendip Area you require the SOMERSET AND AVON POLICE.
In Wiltshire which includes the Box and Bath Areas you require the WILTSHIRE POLICE.

The police strongly advise that you also make a backup call on a landline.

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