The Mendip Cave Survey Scheme was an informal working relationship between the BEC, CSS, MCG, MNRC, SMCC and the WCC. The Scheme was formally wound up in 2009 and scanned copies of the surveys were given to the MCRA. Copies of the surveys may also be available from the clubs that were members of the Scheme or through their web sites.

In the Access Guide section of this web site the cave name is followed by an (S) in some instances. This indicates that a survey was previously available through the Mendip Cave Survey Scheme.

There are surveys of many Mendip caves that were not included in the Survey Scheme. Copies of these can be found in the various club newsletters and journals. The appropriate references will found by consulting the guidebooks:

  • Mendip. The Complete Caves and A View of The Hills by N. Barrington and W.I. Stanton (ISBN 0 9501459 2 0) published 1977. (Out of Print)
  • Mendip Underground, A Caver’s Guide by D.J. Irwin and A.R. Jarratt, (ISBN 0 95361 0 6) published 1999.

Or by checking through the annually produced Speleological Abstracts now incorporating Current Titles in Speleology available from BCRA Publication Sales

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