Ladder & Line: A Mendip-specific and highly relevant workshop outlining the whys, hows and dos of L&L deployment - providing the relevant skill set for anyone responsible for rigging and lining other cavers on the wobbly ladders of joy for which our region is famed. Suitable for experienced cavers, club leaders, noobies, keeners and anyone aiming to raise their game.

A Little Less Action, a Little More Conservation: Practical introduction and tuition for anyone keen to learn the Dark Arts of conservation - a “talk, cave and do” approach - practical sessions in cleaning, remediation and taping: whys and wherefores and “making a difference” being the order of the day. Top banana.

SRT Progression: Learn how to upping and downing using magic and a bit of rope. Shiney things make it better.

SRT Rigging: Knots for the bewildered: become fluent and friendly with your rigging: covering underpinning knowledge, “user friendliness” and logical consequential considerations to make you better ropey monkeys. Prerequisite for attendance is being slick and experienced with SRT progression before applying.

SRT Rescue: It's not very common but when the fan and the manure interface violently, it's literally a life-saver to have a repertoire of techniques at your disposal to help your mates out. Learning the whole set, Progression, Rigging and Rescue, maketh thou an SRTer worthy of the name. Anything less is…. less.

Leading newcomers and winning converts: Practical coaching sessions to fine tune your strategies for making your intro trips super-banana winners. It's a different world from the “Yeah, I'll take you caving and never see you ever again” approach.

Contact the CSCC Training Officer for details of the above coaching, availability etc.. Tailored coaching and tuition events can be created if you or your club has something particular coming up. Tyroleans down the Twenty, perhaps, or how to negotiate it without getting wet (sacrilege to some, perhaps). All more and this.

Follow the link for details on how to apply for BCA Training Grants.

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