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Singing River Mine by Paul Stillman

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The information in this article has been superseded and remains for historical interest only. For current access check the Access Guide.

Just before the beginning of the Covid pandemic, the ownership of Singing River Mine changed. Since then there haven’t been many visits, however with the relaxation of restrictions the number is increasing and issues are beginning to arise.

The mine is at the rear of the house in a piece of land that was previously a field and it was not necessary to enter the garden to reach the entrance. With the agreement of previous owners a standard CSCC lock was fitted and there were no access restrictions.

The situation has changed and the garden has been extended to include the mine.

Since the end of lockdown there have been a number of visits, some of which have been at antisocial hours very early in the morning or late at night. There have also been large numbers turning up at the same time and on occasion when the owner would prefer no caving visitors. Additionally there is a concern about liability.

Although the owner is OK for the mine to be visited, subject to confirmation that insurance cover is adequate, these and other issues have led him to want access to be strictly regulated. Arrangements for future access are under discussion and will be available as soon as possible.

In the meantime all visits should be avoided.

Information on access requirements for Mendip caves can be found in the Access Guide on the CSCC website.

Graham Price
Conservation & Access Officer

8th July 2021

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