Access Restored to Singing River Mine, Shipham

The new gate has been installed at Singing River Mine and the landowner is now prepared to allow trips to take place.

The Access Agreement is:-

Singing River Mine Access Agreement

1. Access will be controlled by the Council of Southern Caving Clubs on behalf of the landowner.

2. The access procedure is:-

 a) Access is strictly by prior booking only
 b) Bookings can be made by emailing, giving at least 1 week's notice
 c) The booking email must contain:  
      The name and contact details of the trip leader,  
      confirmation the trip leader has BCA Insurance, 
      the date and time of the proposed trip, 
      the party size.
 d) C&A Officer will check the mine is available (one trip at a time) and enter the booking on a calendar shared with the Landowner
 e) 24 hours before the trip, the C&A Officer will contact the trip leader to confirm the booking is still ok (the landowner has not asked for the booking to   
    be changed \ cancelled) and confirm the padlock combination code.
 f) The entrance gate must be kept closed at all times, including while the party is in the mine.
 g) Trips can only take place between 9:00am and 9:30pm.
 h) Cars should be parked in the village centre and not on Folly Lane.
 i) Please do not change into caving kit in the garden or the adjoining lane.
 j) A trespass fee of £2 per head should be deposited in the collection tin by the entrance.
 k) Please only belay from the belay bar built into the gate. Do not use the landowner's trees, fence posts etc.
 l) Please be quiet whilst in the garden and comply with any requests made by the landowner and their family.

3. CSCC have replaced the lid (as the old one was unsafe and has no secure belay points) and will maintain it whilst the access agreement is in place.

4. The operation of the access agreement will be reviewed after the first 12 months and may be subject to changes.

20th September 2023.

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