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 <grid> <grid>
-<col xs="12" sm="6" md="4" lg="4"> 
-<panel type="primary" title="ATLAS invite you to a BBQ!"> 
-{{ :news:2016.12.17-dave_king--thrupe_lane_swallet_debris_clearing.jpg?nolink&100|}} 
-ATLAS invite you to join them for a BBQ and surface maintenance work at Thrupe Lane Swallet on 29th and 30th August 
-<btn>[[news:2021_08_20_bbq_at_thrupe_lane|Read more ...]]</btn> 
-20th August 2021 
 <col xs="12" sm="6" md="4" lg="4"> <col xs="12" sm="6" md="4" lg="4">
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