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 <grid> <grid>
 <col xs="12" sm="6" md="4" lg="4"> <col xs="12" sm="6" md="4" lg="4">
 +<panel type="warning" title="Rhino Rift Closed Sat/Sun 19/20th June">
 +Following the unauthorised bolting of the Right Hand Route, Rhino Rift will be closed for the weekend of the 19/20th June for remedial bolt removal and rebolting of the Right Hand Route.
 +17th June 2021
 +<panel type="primary" title="Thrupe Lane Swallet to receive CSCC Padlock">
 +{{ :news:thrupe_lane_entrance.jpg?nolink&100|}}
 +Following requests from concerned locals, a CSCC padlock will be fitted to the entrance gate of Thrupe Lane Swallet.
 +<btn>[[news:2021_06_09_thrup_lane_cscc_lock|Read more ...]]</btn>
 +9th June 2021
 <panel type="primary" title="MCR: Invitation to Join Mendip Cave Rescue"> <panel type="primary" title="MCR: Invitation to Join Mendip Cave Rescue">
-{{ :news:mcr_logo.png?nolink&150|}}+{{ :news:mcr_logo.png?nolink&100|}}
 From Mendip Cave Rescue From Mendip Cave Rescue
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