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 <grid> <grid>
 <col xs="12" sm="6" md="4" lg="4"> <col xs="12" sm="6" md="4" lg="4">
-<panel type="warning" title="CCC Ltd: Longwood Swallet Lock Vandalised">+<panel type="warning" title="CCC Ltd: Longwood Swallet Lock">
 From Charterhouse Caving Company Ltd From Charterhouse Caving Company Ltd
-We have received a report today that the lock on Longwood Swallet has been vandalised and will not open. Please do not issue keys or permits for this cave until we have been able to repair it. This may take some time, as we need to get appropriate equipment on site. +The vandalised lock on Longwood Swallet has now been replaced and access to the cave has been restored.
- +
-I will keep you informed.+
 Graham Mullan\\ Graham Mullan\\
 Secretary\\ Secretary\\
 Charterhouse Caving Company Ltd\\ Charterhouse Caving Company Ltd\\
-11th Apr 2021+27th Apr 2021
 </panel> </panel>
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