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-====== Waterwheel Swallet Closed ====== +====== Access News ======
-{{ }} +
- +
-Waterwheel has recently been broken into and the gate vandalised. The gate has been removed for repair/replacement and the entrance has been secured with a non-removable grill. Everyone will appreciate that it is not possible to leave the entrance unsecured due to the caves high profile location on a popular nature reserve. Repairs to the gate will be carried out as soon as possible. Until the gate is replaced the cave is not available for trips.  +
- +
-If anyone has any information on the persons responsible or would like further information, please contact me. +
- +
-Information on access requirements for Mendip caves can be found in the [[https://access-guide.cscc.org.uk/|Access Guide]] on the CSCC website. +
- +
-Graham Price\\ +
-Conservation & Access Officer\\ +
-[[canda@cscc.org.uk]]\\ +
-2nd Jan 2022 +
----- +
-See also:\\ +
-[[https://access-guide.cscc.org.uk/sites/view/133|CSCC Access Guide - Waterwheel Swallet]]+
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