Unauthorised Bolting of Rhino Right Hand Route

Dear Club Reps

At some point during the past six months, persons unknown have made an unauthorised attempt to rebolt the Rhino Rift Right-Hand Route.

This became known at the recent CSCC AGM and the route was inspected on Tuesday 18th May. Unfortunately, the work has been poorly executed using various types of expansion bolts. Some of these have not set properly and rotate within their holes. Some have been placed too close to the pre-existing spits, compromising the strength and safety of both the new and the original anchors. Where possible, all the nuts and hangers have been removed, although some could not be removed from some very poorly set bolts. Nothing could be done immediately about the dangerously placed ones and so this route should not be used until it can be fully rebolted by an approved installer using resin anchors.

This will be done as a matter of priority but be aware that this will take some time as a suitable proposal needs to be devised and this will be technically difficult in view of the challenges presented by this unauthorised work. We will keep you informed of progress.

Warning signs have been placed on this route. If these go missing, please notify CCC Ltd immediately so they can be replaced.

Please note that the installation of fixed aids of any type in the caves managed by CCC Ltd requires prior approval. Unauthorised works compromise both safety and conservation.

Graham Mullan
Charterhouse Caving Company Ltd
19th May 2021

Also see 17/06/2021 Rhino Rift Closed Sat/Sun 19/20th June

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