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-====== Invitation to Join Mendip Cave Rescue ====== 
-{{ :news:mcr_logo.png?nolink&150|MCR Logo}} 
-Dear fellow cavers, 
-I am writing this to inform you of recent changes to the structure of the [[https://mendipcaverescue.org|Mendip Cave Rescue]] (MCR) and invite you to share this with your organisation’s members so that those who wish to continue supporting MCR can apply for associate membership. 
-As you know MCR formerly known as Mendip Rescue Organisation (MRO) has been in operation since 1936 and we have always been a small organisation which has called on local Mendip cavers to assist with responding to incidents, cavers rescuing cavers. 
-This has previously been managed by asking clubs, cavers and divers to register their availability with MCR so we maintain a call out list. 
-Due to several external factors MCR has had to restructure itself and has reconstituted itself as a registered charity which will ensure; 
-  * MCR complies with Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MREW) membership criteria, this ensures MCR retains access to: 
-    * third party liability insurance and top-up insurance for rescues and training. 
-    * casualty care training and the Home Office controlled drugs license, meaning qualified members can administer controlled drugs. 
-  * Adequate insurance for all involved in rescues by formal means of inclusion of cavers currently on the 'cavers list' into the organisation. 
-  * Legal recognition of MCR as a rescue organisation with a formal constitution and structure with members holding certain skills & roles to a desirable standard, which will strengthen relations with other rescue services and prevent criticism in court in the event of mishap. 
-With the new structure cavers who wish to continue supporting the MCR by being on the cavers call out list are invited to apply for associate membership which can be done using the form held on the MCR website at the following address [[https://www.mendipcaverescue.org/index.php/join-mcr]] 
-Mark Kellaway, MCR secretary\\ 
-Registered Charity 1192357 
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