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 metatag-og:type=(Website) metatag-og:type=(Website)
 metatag-keywords=(caves, caving, potholing, mcr)  metatag-keywords=(caves, caving, potholing, mcr) 
-metatag-og:title=(Council of Southern Caving Clubs+metatag-og:title=(Invitation to Join Mendip Cave Rescue
-metatag-media-og:image=(:logo-2021.png) +metatag-media-og:image=(:news:mcr_logo.png) 
-metatag-og:description=(The Council of Southern Caving Clubs is an association of Caving Clubs whose main interests lie in the Mendip Hills of Somerset.)+metatag-og:description=(MCR has been restructured as a membership organisation. With the new structure cavers who wish to continue supporting the MCR by being on the cavers call out list are invited to apply for associate membership.)
 }} }}
 ====== Invitation to Join Mendip Cave Rescue ====== ====== Invitation to Join Mendip Cave Rescue ======