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CSCC: Latest Access News

For the latest on how coronavirus is affecting access see Access News.

  • St Cuthbert's reopens on 9th June.
  • Charterhouse Caves reopen on 13th June.
  • Fairy Cave Quarry Caves reopen on 13th June.
  • Eastwater, North Hill reopen 1st Aug.
  • Tyning's Barrow closed 1st Aug.

Please follow the link to read the updated access conditions.

BCA: Information on Coronavirus and Caving

BCA have issued a series of useful updates on the coronavirus and how it related to caving. See the BCA Website.

BCRC: Guidance Should a Return to Underground Activity Become Available

BCRC have issued a press release on the coronavirus giving guidance should a return to underground activity become available. See the BCRC Website.

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