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 [[canda@cscc.org.uk|Graham Price]]\\ [[canda@cscc.org.uk|Graham Price]]\\
-Conservation & Access Officer+Conservation & Access Officer\\ 
 +11th Oct 2020
 </panel> </panel>
 </col> </col>
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 <panel type="primary" title="CSCC: Latest Access News"> <panel type="primary" title="CSCC: Latest Access News">
-For the latest on how coronavirus is affecting access see [[:access:access_news|Access News]].+As far as CSCC is aware, all caves closed as a result of the coronavirus lockdown are now open.
-  * St Cuthbert's reopens on 9th June. +Restrictions may apply to some caves whilst the virus is still prevalent in the community and it is important to respect the wishes of landowners in this regard.
-  * Charterhouse Caves reopen on 13th June. +
-  * Fairy Cave Quarry Caves reopen on 13th June. +
-  * Eastwater, North Hill reopen 1st Aug. +
-  * Tyning's Barrow closed 1st Aug.+
-Please follow the link to read the updated access conditions.+Access requirements for specific sites can be found in the [[https://access-guide.cscc.org.uk|Access Guide]]. 
 +If anyone is aware of any updates, please notify me. 
 +[[canda@cscc.org.uk|Graham Price]]\\ 
 +Conservation & Access Officer\\ 
 +25th Oct 2020
 </panel> </panel>
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