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-====== CSCC Anchor Placement Programme ====== 
-==== Introduction ==== 
-Due to differences with the BCA's E&T Committee and with no hope of resolution in the short term, the CSCC left the BCA scheme in July 2010. 
-The CSCC hopes those differences can be resolved and that the two schemes can become one again. 
-==== Documentation ==== 
 These documents describe the CSCC's Anchor Placement Programme. These documents describe the CSCC's Anchor Placement Programme.
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 {{:​equipment:​cscc-eq-pr-1001_rev_2_anchor_management_procedure.pdf|Anchor Management Procedure}} {{:​equipment:​cscc-eq-pr-1001_rev_2_anchor_management_procedure.pdf|Anchor Management Procedure}}
-{{:​equipment:​cscc-eq-gn-1002_rev_2_anchor_inspection_usage.pdf|Anchor Inspection & Usage}}+{{:​equipment:​cscc-eq-gn-1002_rev_2_anchor_inspection_usage.pdf|Anchor Inspection & Usage}}[root@server equipment]#
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