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If the Access Guide is out of date and needs updating, please leave details below (most recent at the top). White Pit gate has been refitted so contact BEC or Wessex for access.

Banwell Bone & Stalactite Caves - their website allows access from 1st May to end of Sept, not just months listed.

21/05/08 No longer the same access as Brown's Folly — Cookie

01/01/10 Pub car park is chained off and not accessible when pub is closed. Pub closed on Mondays. —maggot

30/04/09 Check current status. — Cookie

27/1/2016 The allen key is no longer available from the Quarrymans Arms. — Cookie

The caves on the South side of Cheddar Gorge are owned and managed by Longleat Enterprises Ltd. Before accessing any of these caves a waiver must be signed and returned to Longleat Enterprises Ltd.

To download a copy of the waiver click here Waiver 01/10/2019 - Frank CSCC Secretary

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