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27 Jun 2020

The property has recently changed hands. Please do not approach the new owners until access has been agreed.

4 Jun 2020

Please follow the advice that has been issued by MCR, BCA and BCRC (see here).

CSCC will update this page and the Access Guide as and when changes are known.

Please email any updates to or click on the “Report Any Changes” link on the relevant cave's page in the Access Guide.

Caves Known To Be Closed

The following caves are known to be closed due to coronavirus:

  • Fairy Cave Quarry Caves
    • Fairy, Hillier's, Shatter, Withyhill, etc.
  • The Charterhouse Caves
    • GB, Longwood, Rhino, Charterhouse, etc.
  • Eastwater Cavern, North Hill Swallet

Calling In Person For Permission / Key

For those caves where you would normally call in person on the landowner, please don't without prior arrangement via phone or email.

Warden/Leader Caves

Please contact the relevant warden for the current position.


Currently most Mendip Huts are closed and are therefore unable to issue keys.

The WCC and the BEC have opened to a limited degree. What facilities are being made available are only to members or guests of members. Do not just turn up without prior arrangement.

Reopened Caves

The following caves are open again:

  • St. Cuthberts from 9th June at wardens' discretion.

10 Jun 2020

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