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 ====== Officers ====== ====== Officers ======
 \\  \\ 
-**Chairman**: ​Post vacant ​[[chairman@cscc.org.uk]]+**Chairman**: ​Ed Waters ​[[chairman@cscc.org.uk]]
 **Secretary**:​ Frank Tully [[secretary@cscc.org.uk]] **Secretary**:​ Frank Tully [[secretary@cscc.org.uk]]
-**Acting ​Treasurer**:​ David Cooke [[treasurer@cscc.org.uk]]+**Treasurer**:​ David Cooke [[treasurer@cscc.org.uk]]
-**Joint Conservation & Access**: Graham Price [[canda@cscc.org.uk]]+**Conservation & Access**: Graham Price [[canda@cscc.org.uk]]
-**Joint Conservation & Access**: Les Williams ​[[canda@cscc.org.uk]], Tel. 01749 679839(h), 07941 029707(m)+**Equipment**: Post vacant. ​[[equipment@cscc.org.uk]]
-**Equipment**:​ Andrew Atkinson. [[equipment@cscc.org.uk]] +**Training**: ​Dave Keegan. [[training@cscc.org.uk]]
- +
-**Training**: ​Post vacant. [[training@cscc.org.uk]]+
 **BCA Rep**: Linda Wilson. [[bcarep@cscc.org.uk]] **BCA Rep**: Linda Wilson. [[bcarep@cscc.org.uk]]
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