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 ====== Officers ====== ====== Officers ======
 \\  \\ 
-**Chairman**:​ Alan Butcher, Priddy Green House, Priddy, Wells BA5 3BE. //​chairman ​[at] cscc.org.uk//+**Chairman**:​ Alan Butcher [[chairman@cscc.org.uk]]
-**Secretary**:​ Frank Tully, 16 Bedminster Road, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 5PD. //​secretary ​[at] cscc.org.uk//+**Secretary**:​ Frank Tully [[secretary@cscc.org.uk]]
-**Treasurer**: ​Tim Ball. //​treasurer ​[at] cscc.org.uk//+**Acting ​Treasurer**: ​David Cooke [[treasurer@cscc.org.uk]]
-**Conservation & Access**: ​Les Williams, 51 Churchill Road East, Wells, Somerset, BA5 3HU. //​canda ​[at] cscc.org.uk//, Tel. 01749 679839(h), 07941 029707(m)+**Joint Conservation & Access**: ​Graham Price [[canda@cscc.org.uk]]
-**Equipment**: Andrew Atkinson. //​equipment ​[at] cscc.org.uk//+**Joint Conservation & Access**: Les Williams ​[[canda@cscc.org.uk]], Tel. 01749 679839(h), 07941 029707(m)
-**Training**: Post vacant//​training ​[at] cscc.org.uk//+**Equipment**: Andrew Atkinson. [[equipment@cscc.org.uk]]
-**BCA Rep**: Post vacant. ​//​bcarep ​[at] cscc.org.uk//+**Training**: Post vacant. [[training@cscc.org.uk]]
-**Webmaster**:​ David Cooke, 3 Starrs Close, Axbridge, Somerset BS26 2BZ. //​webmaster ​[at] cscc.org.uk//+**BCA Rep**: Post vacant. [[bcarep@cscc.org.uk]] 
 +**Webmaster**:​ David Cooke [[webmaster@cscc.org.uk]]
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