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 <grid> <grid>
 +<col xs="12" sm="6" md="4" lg="4">
 +<panel type="danger" title="Rockfall In Rhino Rift - Update">
 +{{ :news:2022.01.17-andrew_atkinson-3_rhino_rift.jpg?nolink&150|Fallen Rock And Through Bolt by Andrew Atkinson}}
 +Following the email yesterday regarding reports of loose rock in Rhino Rift, Andrew Atkinson, CSCC’s Equipment & Techniques Officer, supported by Sioned Haughton, visited the cave at the request of CCC Ltd on the evening of Monday 17th January.
 +Following the remedial work undertaken, the cave is open for trips.
 +<btn>[[news:2022_01_18_rock_fall_in_rhino_rift|Full Report ...]]</btn>
 +18th January 2022
 <col xs="12" sm="6" md="4" lg="4"> <col xs="12" sm="6" md="4" lg="4">
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