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 ====== Access News ====== ====== Access News ======
 +===== Access to caves in Cheddar Gorge =====
 +Further to the decision by Longleat to close the show caves and suspend their operations in Cheddar, they have notified CSCC that with immediate effect caver access to all caves on Longleat property which includes the whole south side of the Gorge, is no longer available. This includes all caves and digs, and affects sites such as Reservoir Hole, Spider Hole, Goughs Cave, Long Hole, Great Oones etc.
 +Longleat are not adverse to reinstating caver access subject to an access agreement with CSCC. Negotiations to formalise an access procedure were started at the request of Longleat a few years ago but were never concluded.
 +Discussions have recommenced and both parties are hopeful of a favourable and positive outcome, however in the meantime all the caves are closed.
 +Longleat will be keeping a presence in the Gorge for maintenance purposes, but this is all. Approaches should not be made to Longleat or any of their representatives as permission to visit any of the caves will be denied.
 +[[canda@cscc.org.uk|Graham Price]]\\
 +Conservation & Access Officer\\
 +11 Oct 2020
 ===== Access Guide Software Update ===== ===== Access Guide Software Update =====
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